Impulse Buying




★ November ★
・King Of Clubs/Paul Gibert
・You Are In My Heart/Ten
・Blizzard Of Ozz/Ozzy Osbourne
・BBC Sessions/Led Zeppelin
・The Robe(EP)/Ten
・Live In Germany 1976/Rainbow
・Diary Of A Madman/Ozzy Osbourne
・Live At The Budokan/Mr.Big
・Long Cold Winter/Cinderella
・Loveland/John Sykes
・Break Out/Cold Sweat
・Jump The Gun/Pretty Maids
・Future World/Pretty Maids
・Skyskraper/David Lee Roth

★ October ★
・Jugulator/Judas Priest
・Be Here Now/Oasis
・Face It Live '97/John Norum
・Stick It Live/Slaughter

★ September ★
・Falling Into Infinity/Dream Theater
・The Robe/Ten
・Break Away/Terra Nova
・Somewhere Out In Space/Gamma Ray
・Save Me/Fair Warning
・Angels Of Heaven/Fair Warning
・Attack Of The Killer B's/Anthrax
・Total Control/John Norum
・Live In Japan/Deep Purple
・Sin After Sin/Judas Priest
・Point Of Eternity/Judas Priest
・Facing The Animal/Yngwie Malmsteen
・Official Live:101 Proof/Pantera
・Worlds Away/John Norum
・Another Destination/John Norum
・Face The Truth/John Norum
・Killing Machine/Judas Priest
・Priest From The East/Judas Priest
・Light And Shadows/Casiopea
・Tooth And Nails/Dokken
・Whitesnake 1987 Version/Whitesnake

★ August ★
・Mission Man/Von Groove
・Are You Experienced?/The Jimi Hendrix Experience
・Electric Ladyland/The Jimi Hendrix Experience
・Axis:Bold As Love/The Jimi Hendrix Experience
・Victims Of The Future/Gary Moore
・Corridors Of Power/Gary Moore

★ July ★
・First Rays Of The New Rising Sun/Jimi Hendrix
・No Parole from Rock 'N Roll/Alcatrazz
・Ram It Down/Judas Priest
・British Steel/Judas Priest
・Stained Class/Judas Priest
・Cloud Nine/George Harrison

★ June ★
・Lights Out/UFO
・Sacred Heart/Dio
・Flaming Pie/Paul McCartney

★ May ★
・Criptic Writings/Megadeth
・Accident Of Birth/Bruce Dickinson
・Wings Of Tomorrow/Europe
・In The Ghetto/Fair Warning
・Live At Home/Fair Warning
・South Of Heaven/Slayer
・Racing After Midnight/Honeymoon Suite
・Run For Cover/Gary Moore
・Windows/Mike Vescera Project
・Ready An' Willing/Whitesnake
・Love Hunter/Whitesnake
・Come An' Get It/Whitesnake
・Whitesnake-Live...In The Heart Of The City/Whitesnake

★ April ★
・Shadow Of The Night/Blackmore's Night
・Holy Diver/Dio
・The Last In Line/Dio
・The Warning/Queensryche
・Force It/UFO
・Prologue To The Symphonic Legends/Uli Jon Roth-Sky Of Avalon
・Come In From The Rain/Andi Deris
・Spooked/Pretty Maids
・J.Brahms:Symphony Nos.1〜4/Karl Bohm/Wiener Philhamniker/Wiener Singverein/Christia Ludwig

★ March ★
・Restless Heart/Whitesnake
・One Size Fits All/Pink Cream 69
・The Unforgettable Fire/U2
・The Joshua Tree/U2
・Perfect Timing/The Michael Schenker Group
・Theatre Of Pain/Motley Crue
・The Name Of The Rose/Ten
・Go!/Fair Warning
・Written In The Sand/The Michael Schenker Group
・Love Of My Life/Terra Nova

★ February ★
・KARAJAN The Great Decca Recordings/Wiener Philharmoniker/Herbert von Karajan
-J.Brahms/Symphony No.1,No.3/Tragic Overture
-J.Haydn/Symphony No.103"Drumroll",No.104
-W.A.Mozart/Symphony No.40,No.41
-P.Tchaikovsky/Romeo And Juliet/Swan Lake/The Nutcracker/Sleeping Beauty
-L.V.Beethoven/Symphony No.7
-A.Dvorak/Symphony No.8
-E.Grieg/Music From Peer Gynt
-G.Holst/The Planets
-J.Strauss/Die Fledermaus/Der Zigeunerbaron etc.
-R.Strauss/Till Eulenspiegel/Schleiertanz(Salome)/Don Juan, Tod und Verklanung/Also Sprach Zarathustra

★ January ★
・Livin' It Up/Terra Nova
・Deep Purple In Rock Anniversary Edition/Deep Purple
・First Things First/Medicine Wheel
・Guest List/Marc Ferrari & Friends
・Making Gold/Fortune
・Crown Of Thorns/Crown Of Thorns
・Breakthrough/Crown Of Thorns
・Michael Schenker Anthology/Michael Schenker
・The Michael Schenker Group/The Michael Schenker Group
・One Night At Budokan/The Michael Schenker Group
・Defender Of The Faith/Judas Priest
・Turbo/Judas Priest
・Priest...Live!/Judas Priest
・Stand In Line/Impellitteri
・Eclipse/Yngwie Malmsteen
・Mahler:Symphony No.7/New York Philharmonic/Leonard Bernstein
・Sibelius:Symponies Nos.1〜4/Helsinki Philharmonic Orchestra/Paavo Berglund
・Mozart:46 Symphonies/Berliner Philharmoniker/Karl Bohm
・Dvorak:Symphonies complete/Berliner Philharmoniker/Rafael Kubelik
・Gould Conducts And Plays Wagner/Glenn Gould